Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sorry i accidentily clicked on "PUBLISH POST" when i wasn't finished with "OOPS". So about the cresent rolls. buy 2 packs of cresent rolls. take them apart & put them on a cookie sheet. spread a little bit of butter on them each with a knife. then sprinkle on cinnamon & suger mixed together. put on pizza stone & bake as directed on package. okay, thats it!

see ya later,
crafty tay


Hey, you all! So sorry i havn't updated my blog in forever! I have some christmas ideas for you 4 this christmas. The first one is.....

Hang your tree UPSIDE DOWN!!!! I know it sounds really crazy but it looks really good! I saw it on TV the other day and it looked really good! they hung the ornaments on the tree upside down. It looked really cooland very good! Now you won't be able to put presents under it, so you might want to put under another tree or just by the fireplace. Either one I know will look good with that upside down tree on Christmas morning! So, the second one is....

COOKIES!!!Every one i know loves to bake cookies, including me! So, i thought maybe it might be a good idea to welcome people into your home on Christmas morning with fresh, warm Christmas cookies! i'll try to put some of my favorite recipes for you to try tomorrow. i'm not saying you have to bake them tomorrow, what i ment to say was i'll try to put the recipes on tomorrow. i hope you'll enjoy! The last one is.....

On christmas mornning you don't know what you're going to have yet. I know what you should have!! Cresent rolls!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lets help Kosair childrens hospital

Yo Yo Yo its Tay!!!!!  Hey my school is doing this thing called Kids 4 kids where you raise money, send it into school in an envelope,then they send it into kosair. So I thought maybe i should do something on my blog about it for 2 reasons.  one, i haven't posted on my blog 4 a long time.  two its for school and a good reason. so i did. if you are willing to look at mywebsite.  ( 

thanks if you do


Monday, January 4, 2010

Beautful butterflies!

Hey! I have a feeling you like cup cakes! So I'm introdcing Beautiful butteflies! You will need red & pink colored melting chocolates, plus milk chocolates, brown icing, a couple of toothpicks, wax paper, and your own butterfly pattern.  Put the chocolates in a baggie and melt them in the microwave.  Put the pattern under wax paper.  Cut the tips & squirt it onto the wax paper where the pattern is.  Use toothpicks to swirl the colors together.  When the antanne dry stick on a white frosted cupcake.  Put the wings on as shown in the picture.  Squirt the chocolate icing to make circles for the body.  Sprinkle different colored sprinkles on the wings and whala!!  There ya go!  Have fun!  I took these into my class and they loved them so hopefully you do to.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

petal pencils

petal pencils are easy to do  if you do them right.all you have to do is first, you'll need 3 or 4 pencils, white and yellow paper, scissors, and glue. use the scissors to cut a flower shape out of the white paper and a circle out of the yellow spaper papers paper. cut a slot in the back of the flower shape. then put the pencil in the slot. next glue the yellow circle onto the flower shape and you're done. Happy 2010!

Introducing me!

yo yo yo my name is taylor! Hey! How ya doin'?!Hi i'm taylor and this is my first blog, i'm 8 years old.This blog is going to be about Crafts and some of my fav recipes and i'm also gonna have pictures so you know what there supposed to look like when your done. I'll try to make my blog as fun as i can. Oh, I almost forgot some days I won't have a blog post because of school or cheerleading practices or games. i hope you have a fun time on my blog!